Jul 15, 2016

New Prints, T-Shirts, Hoodies Have Landed.. New Blog and Ritual/Altar items Coming Soon

Baraka Naga Arts Guild is pleased to unveil 2 new 9x12 Archival Quality Giclee Prints by Collin Delgado.  Number One is Titled: "SHADOWMONK, BLESSINGS, DEATH BECOMES US."  Number Two is titled: "B1, Gorilla Rise". These are now available for purchase on our online store (click STORE tab at the top right of your the screen) or in person at the BN Studio Sanctum.  These are all signed and numbered by the artist and are, as usual, very limited edition.  Price is $40 each or $70 for the pair.  

Jon Osiris is back at the Sanctum and taking appointments for the next couple of months before going off to do more Tattoo Sadhana and Pilgrimage in the world at large.  Osiris has just released a new Baraka Naga Totem design available on Grey T-Shirt and Black Hoodie, complete with signature Eyecon. Purchase online or in person at the BN Studio Sanctum. 

Also in the works by Jon Osiris are limited run of 5 very special altar pieces.  Completely handmade of cast bronze, and fabricated, hand engraved brass, with individual roll up/roll out + carry case/altar cloth, these masterfully crafted focal objects were created according to strict magickal principles and timings and are designed to be able to travel wherever your practice takes you.  Aptly named Laghu Candrådharå Trishula in Sanskrit, this translates to Light Moon Realm Trishula, or Trishula of the Moonlight Realm.  A perfect hand-held Wand size as well, these will be completed and made available this Fall 2016.  STAY TUNED - OM NAMAH SHIVAYA - JAI MA!

copyright BNAG 2016