Oct 3, 2016

Altar Icons: Laghu Candrādhāra Trišula

Laghu Candrādhāra Triśula    The Trishula, synonymous with Lord Shiva – Destroyer, Transformer & Proto-Shaman of the Himalayan Ranges, is a trinity upon which many other triads are inscirbed. One such triad, which is a key to higher thinking and awareness to be accomplished by the Yogi(ni)-Mage is: Will, Knowledge, and Action. Some others are; Past, Present, Future (that which Shiva destroys and transmutes into blissful unity) and the three Gunas or qualities: Tamas, Rajas, Sattva.

 Made expressly for practitioners of Yantra, Mantra, Tantra and Meditation, it is with love and devotion that these objects are offered into the world. 5 in all, these were made with utmost care, entirely by hand, using lost-wax casting and fabrication techniques and following astrological timings in the phases of construction. The headpieces are cast in Ancient Bronze and the shaft and base sections are fabricated in Brass. Both will take on unique patina as they age.

 Laghu Candrādhāra Triśula; (pronounced LA-ghOO ChandrA-dhAra TrEE-shOOla); translates to: “small, moon supporting triple spear”.  These Sanskrit words all have several layers of meaning but the simplest speaks to the portable and easy to carry nature of these forms, as well as the obvious lunar aesthetic.

These icons were made to grace your altars and charged spaces with power, presence and beauty. No expense was spared in the selection of materials or level of detail and each piece is a repository of symbolic correspondence unto itself. The shaft up to the center point is analogous with Sushumna Nadi, or the central stream of energy (spine and cranium) in the human body. The left and right points are the Ida and Pingala Nadi, or Lunar and Solar channels respectively, which circulate in the body, spiral around the Sushumna Nadi and terminate at the nostrils.

 The base stand is fashioned in a triangular lotus petal design, receiving the shaft in harmonious, Yoni-like accord and is inscribed with designs. This ornamented, receptive element faithfully holds space while the Trishul itself points toward the path of blissful realization and transformation.

 To complete the package, each one comes with a roll-case that secures all pieces in a tidy bundle with room for some of your personal items such as; a mala, smudge or incenses, oils, etc, etc. This bundle also unfolds to provide a three-petal altar cloth, which mirrors and enhances the overall aesthetic and function. Three are made of hand-selected deer hide outer coverings and two are of canvas. All bundles are made with the same inside fabric, which has an uncanny resemblance to the Trishul.

Signed under the base by artisan Jon Osiris, these pieces are destined to be beacons of Shakti and passed down for lifetimes, by way of lineage or loved ones. 

 “It is my hope that you will engage these objects in the transmutation of your own base elements into spiritual gold with whatever method of spiritual alchemy you employ. Om Namah Shivaya!”  ~Vijayanath~

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